hello again

Hello - hello, i´m still here, but after joining instagram i have betrayed my little blog. Insta.. is so easy and fast in the middle of my buzy days.But i will try some kind of update here as well.This lovely photo  show Pauline and Herman Bruun the owners of "Circus Alaska"on the road with i ques "what have we got ? " Photo 1919,unknown photographer.My circus also to be continued and ps. you are welcome to follow on Instagram you find me here : #leisedichabrahamsen

folded textiles

Currently working a bit with hand-painted textiles,Here the folded once before heat setting.

hand-painted textile

Washed and before ironing.

hand-painted textile

Total of several pieces.

wooden objects

In between new and older wooden objects.

hand-painted textiles/ tappestry

Two pieces assambled and ready for hanging on a wall.

flea market finds

One of this summers flea market finds.

hand-painted textile

      Close up small pieces of hand-painted textile.

hand-painted textile

16 pieces of 24 x 24 cm. Before framing


fine ad from the sixties

hello again,ad from the sixties forgot the name of the photografer,nice photo it´s something about : shoes,cars and space.brilliant

time flies

and what ever happend since last bloggin.working,time flies away  trying to find time for immersion and new plans.fixing a room in my studio,gonna run some workshops from april.had some time of,looking through some old magz,from the sixties and seventies...fell over the following- for your inspiration only.have a nice weekend

big / ruedi

big.....also from the sixties,perfect ad for the new big clasic.by.....

good old ruedi

andy w.

look at this a young andy w. and see the following text.