handpaintet aeoroplain b.40 cm.
object 2010,wood,old photo and paint b.20x h.10cm.


a world of small figures.
F R A  L E I S E  


the front of my shop here in copenhagen, summer 2010.adress :
vodroffsvej 24a,1900 frederiksberg c,
C O P E N H A G E N. 
little friend alf and the sleeping bag.

alfi and friends.  
a lively summer of 2007 blouse for pernille,handpaint og cotton.  
papershirt, made it once in berlin from a small paper bag.
my card summer 2010.

iphone keeper.
framed b.40 x h.30 cm. 
framed b.40 x h.30 cm. 
bracelet made this for my lovely sister.

what barbara picked for little wilma 
the rabbit-bag from 2005.