collage 100 x 150 cm.

"come play with me" collage /ink on paper 100 x 150 cm. my busines begins to run and it´s completely amazing,i´m really happy about it.most of the time i am an administrator and total production oriented.it´s an exercice for a flying soul like me,to target and chose from and to.but i constantly learn from the process and are confident that everything will one day reach a higher level...when i have been very practical, productive and focused for many days in a row,then i have to pull the stick,go totally on line and return to the room where things are just floating and has no particular purpose.it´s in that state i find peace and space for new ideas.so for two and a half days i´ve just been playing starting with this collage / ink on paper


paper colors.

print a4 - a3

the black and white start ink on paper a4 and a3 (print)

textile dolls

and then some textile experiments,something with more creatures

new dolls

entire new family ready for portrait.

pointy black hat doll

"the girl with the pointy black hat"she´s made of scraps from my hand-painted textiles and from pieces of beautiful ancient indian hand quilts, that i once got from a friends production remains.

close up dolls

close up.


and one of their pets, think it´s half dog half pig. 62 cm. long

doll "the director"

the director of it all, 62 cm. high


and his cigar, 10 cm. long

doll hand-paint

doll,hand-painted textile 65 cm. high

padded top

and things like this.padded top 27 cm. high

doll / painting

doll and painting on masonite.


my new handpainted textiles

second try with my new textile colors and hand painted textiles.

hand painted fabric

close up various pieces of hand painted fabric.

pigs / pattern

ups....! small pigs and old danish rage,nice pattern.

textile horisontal

some of the horisontal lines and color.

making hand painted textile

first i paint the textile,after that it will be heat set,then washed and ironed....

my old sewing machine

and then sewn on the world´s best old industrial sewing machine.

15 tea cozy´s

15 new pieces of tea cozy´s and more comming up.www.stillebenshop.com

tea cozy close

tea cozy close.

textile on a board

also jyst delivered some new boards ( bulletin boards )large and small 30 x 50 cm + 50 x 70 cm,covered with hand painted textile

deliverence on bike

where there´s a will there´s a way,

yellow bulletin board

yellow board 30 x 50 cm.

light tea cozy

detail light tea cozy.


8 days a week

i just found and extra day for all of us.print a3.

different prints

chaotic table in the middle of instaling al kinds of prints,the strict geometrical and the more poetic ones.

print on market

lineup, was on our way to a market with some of this.

print green

"green are good for the eyes"print a3.

print oval

"oval" composition,print 3a.

print dots

"dancing with dots on thin lines" print a4 and a3.

print Kind of focus

"kind of focus" print a3.

gouage from 2000

"green continuation"original gouage from 2000.

market 7.9.2013

just before it all break loose at the market 7.9.2013.

my sweet assistant

my sweet assistant anne louise taking care of details and remembering everything that i forget,it´s a big help.


landmark...sunday we went to the sea to be blown through.


windmills,sky,sea and everything in between.


new colors.

back in town and everyday life,time runs so fast,much to be done,trying to maintain some inner peace and continue my work.right now i´m testing some new textile colors,by a complex system where i count the drops of each note and write it down so i can reconstruct the color,my small laboratory.


flying ovals.

object 2003

a small object from a long time ago (2003) the boy and the landscape.

first buy

a young girl´s first buy.

boards comming up

lot´s of new boards comming up

my numbers

a birthday gift for a 75 years old man.

jensk seconds everywhere

last monday my lovely man released his 4th album.i will not try to translate the whole, but the album title is "SECONDS EVERYWHERE" by jensk.

jensk cover

inner cover.

jensk one track

if you follow the link to soundcloud,you can here one of the tracks.https:soundcloud.com/jensk/3-list-ikke-vaek-som-en-tyv

greengrocer + florist

sunday´s trip to an organic farm and horticulture,for almost no money,you can come home with armfuls of lovely vegetables and flowers.our new greengrocer and florist.www.gminde.dk

gifts of nature

i´m always thrilled and greatful for the gifts of nature.