in the comming week end i participate in a design market,it´s called "the new design spring market",will be hysterically busy until then.det nye design forårs marked,hc.ørstedsvej 18 baghuset,d,31.3 og 1.4 begge dage kl. 10 til 17
i´m gonna bring these new image blocks,decorations for the childrens room.design on mdf.board 8 x 8 cm.
some of the products i bring hope it will be fun and fine and now i´ll frame lots of works on paper.


we opened our primitive country home this week-end,here we live the simple life,you can get by with very few things when nature and silence are essential.
drove by this house growth is good but.........
weather and years.
ships are sailing.
the light came back (object)
and then i met this guy who lives in a broken branch.


the soft light and shadow of today.
the relationship between space,color and shape.stats on a friday afternoon....flicker and colored noise....exited to continiue development on monday
then it became sort of a children´s room.
a sleepy mr. rabbit.


spring colors in the air,green is good for the eyes,some of my juicy crocheted and sewed vegetables.
litlle pea in new issue of www.boligliv.dk
beans out in real life on a plush vegetable market in berlin.
and a table at a market last summer in the countryside,love´s the special slection of basic goods.


making art is not a life for sissies.it´s a track you follow an all-consuming route of no return.starting as young and invincible,slowly your expression matures and then you hopefully become very old and very wise.italian futurist painter giacomo balle in his studio 1930.
"dog on a leach"(1912)one of his very known paintings.
part of the giacomo home.
many years later(1958)it`s a never give up thing.


wood on wood a collection of my own work +
hole and circles on a plate.
several circles and holes.
embroidery on a wood panel.
two "silhouettes" made from different woods.
object made of an oak wood block.the oak wood is smoked that´s why it gets such a beautiful deep color 


sun in copenhagen and greetings from a small polish village.
the village has proud traditions in decorating their houses and surroundings.
se what this woman made so innocent,generous and lots of it al
photos from a wonderful book,one of my treasures: adam bujak, kwiaty zalipia,kraków 1988


made the first experiments today,with a new exhiting material,a kind of very thick paper,the surface is slightly oiled and it´s normally used in construction industry.
initally it was something with triangles and diagonals,they are easy to fold,but i have to get on,there are enough of triangles in circulation already
it may be a wall object (125 cm. high)


continue my works on masonite,the black-white-gray scale
paint on masonite 40x50 cm.
on masonite 40x55 cm.
on masonit 60x82 cm.
two holes in the plate and a piece of twine to hang.


spring cleanup

spring cleanup in the shop,these five old canvases,must be brought back to live,so i´m working on.

long shadow

the sun returned and we throw long shadows.


super romantic small spring theme.
sunday family lunch at my mothers place,one of two tables.