paint on masonite

a good order came in yesterday from a business partner that i realy like,a variation on my new "paint directly on masonite"going to be very bussy next couple of weeks,more about all new good stuff comming up later


a collection of beautiful spring flowers.




a few pieces in a large glass vase

small houses4

small houses near copenhagen originally built in 1930.they all have name such as "the castle"-"paradise"-"the nest" and so on,small pieces of land with houses for leasure time and for cultivate flowers and vegs.this is the cute one.


the one in waiting.

small houses2

this has been abandoned i think.


soon the old houses disappers and new one are built



people in my neigborhood know that i use many different materials in my production.some of them pass by and ask if i can use this and that,very nice.the day before yesterday a carpenter came with a lot of masonite.


those i`ve just tested quite rough,drill two holes in each,the plate is going to hang in a piece of twine.


40x 56 cm.


40 x 56 cm.


61 x 82 cm.


counting 4

so fare today is filled with numbers,have promised my self and my new accountant that i must learn to relate to numbers and amounts,not exactly my strong point.


probably not what he meant,but i´ve thried to visualize the story of the two grains of rice and the number who is constantly doubled.in 24 double up´s you move from 2 to 16.777.216,-now we are talking it must be my new business strategy


here´s how it looks when mowing from 2 to 1.024 (10 double up´s)


i´we always loved numbers,this drawing are from 2000 and i have saved it ´cauce it´s so nerdy,but while doing such one the endless repetition of numbers actually makes you very calm,it goes from 1 to 2168.(pencil on paper 70 x 90 cm)



BELLE AFRIK a wednesday in the north filled with beauty and mystery from the southern hemisphere. 







i can almost hear the sound of it all.


pillow 5.

four fresh, newly made pillows,photographed in my shop window.are quite happy with the tight graphic pattern,hand-painted on pre-washed linen

pillow 4.

pillow 55 x 60 cm.

pillow 3.

pillow 55 x 60 cm.

pillow 2.

pillow 33 x 40 cm.

pillow 1.

pillow 33 x 40 cm.

about shop on blog

my so called shop on blog must wait a little,it reguires edit of previous post and so on,i hav´nt got time for that just now,so many things to be finished first.


close up

close up

inspiration from japan

think i must have had some inspiration from japan, while doing these.

wood,cardboard,nails,glove skin

one made of wood,carcboard,nails and glove skin,it´s my favorit  

the crooked one

the chrooked one is a mix between a very large building and a person.

gentleman p

the gentleman mr.p

squares on wood


DEAR YOU ! who pass by my blog,have patience for a few days.i´m trying to optimize my availability.had a breakfast meeting with susie and nic about all this blogging.it turned into a full day effort and proff. help.still not happy layout termes and so on,-BUT WE ARE MOVING................................................................................
UNTIL THEN here are two videos recorded in june 2011.nic(nicolas charbonnier)lead me on the way through the jungle of my many creations and sweet susie dina blachman held "the lamp"and cheered along.life is complex and there i stand in the corner of it al, saying a lot of things.fun to see how fare and more targeted you can get,in a relatively short time.FEEL BETTER ABOUT MY WORK TODAY, FEBUARY 2012.....

Video from my atelier


from wodden blocks to toys.


there was just enough in the bag for nine swans.
 on sale


and mary´s little lambs with big ears.
 on sale
+ the house they live in.

swans and sheep

on sale 


illustration e.demartini 1962.
sunday zoom.
detail "home sweet home".
starting as a small one.