textile / technique

textiling....working on some "floating" textiles.have just found a wonderful technique where the fabric, color and me are working together.

textile / tea caps

for the time being tea caps.

textile experiment

textile work in progress.

majas embroidery 1

and a small section on embroidery and life.i visited my sweet cousin maja the other day, this test piece she made as a little girl.it´s so fine

majas embroidery 2

later she was even better,life and happy days.

karoline ebbesen 1

our grandfather was for some years employed as a young doctor in a mental institution called sct.hans.one of his patients was a young woman called karoline ebbesen.she was born in 1852 in a time when freedom of expression was impossible especially for woman.her illnes has been horrible for her,the diacnoce was paranoid scizophrenia.often she was prohibited to do her work and she always had difficulty in getting hold of materials.such a life,with terrible delusions and yet it seems as if she periodically found peace doing her work.the following photos are examples of her amazing creations,wich has always inspired me.source : karolines bog, by niels reisby og pia skogemann, rosinante 1985.

karoline ebbesen 2

karolines hand writing.

karoline ebbesen 3

so poetic.by karoline ebbesen.

karoline ebbesen 4

tree of life by karoline.

karoline ebbesen 5

by karoline ebbesen (5)

karoline ebbesen 6

karoline always fell in love with the new younger doctors and she gave them gifts.this fine embroidered sleeve was a gift for my grandfather.k.e.(6)

karoline ebbesen 7

by karoline ebbesen.(7)

textile picture for kids

and here one of my pieces,made by me a relatively normal woman in midlife, with an eternal desire to play on.


summer prints

new prints pointing at summer,light and ease,saturday morning delivery for shop stilleben.


her one can be tempted by all sorts of beautiful things they also have an very nice webshop www.stillebenshop.com

mowing brush

two mowements and a brush.

small hanging plants

small devices for hanging plants.

garden drawings

and some neat "garden designs " from 2000.

drawing and alphabet

delicate yellow alphabet and one og my drawings

pastel facade

pastel facade.


cardboard and paint

my cardboard crystals on the way to a beach party.

cardboard crystals altfordamerne

striped cardboard crystals.


blue red black and white.



object altfordamerne

magazin also shows one of my wooden objects.readers are encouraged to go on lookout for exiting original art,a really good idea.

colored wooden object

colored wooden object.photo :www.lineklein.com

painting 2009

detail of painting from 2009


lady in small garden

adorable summer idyl,weekend in sun and rain.i´m sure this lady have some happy times doing all what have to be done.

pop up gaden / cph

passed by this alternative urban garden.hmmmm --! for visual apperance and later found out who started the project.they interfere with the city  development and ask people to participate in the process.so great.......


so well.www.creativeroots.dk

classical music / open door

todays growing / garden theme,-walked the dog this morning and passed this beautiful place,sun roses and high classical music through an open gardendoor.love-love-love.


started my own small town happy project some years ago.removed four stones from the road surface.dug a hole and planted a small rose,that now grows wild,and bloom about next week.

creative roots

mariannes next door rose

my neighbor marianne,planted her rose 2 years ago and the two next doors, futher down the street are considering doing the same.hopefully we get an entire street of "new dawn"

pleut / rain

il pleut - il pleut.

she decorated her city

in shelter from the rain today under a tree, i saw upwards,someone has decorated a corner of the city in this way

all in bloom

all straws in bloom,beautiful weeds and roses,home sweet home, our entry.


wooden mobile

small parts,colors,materials and everything`s fine.have a nice week end, out there

working om reliefs

i need to make some reliefs,trying to find out what´s it´s all about.

1 to forever

from one to forever.


capture some light indoor on an outdore clear windy summer day in cph.

old. invit. card

found this "old" invit.-card, from the time i decided to open my studio as a shop.way back in 2003,so many things have happened since then and you really learn by doing, it´s one  long ongoing progress. think iw´ll go home for now and take some time of


alphabet /state

and the alphabet continues to run,really great fun to have created a product that becomes popular,it´s the first time i try that.AND i surch and work on, seeks and finds ? quiete frankly,i need some time for reflection it´s not healthy that everything must be translated into earning,.....let´s see

alphabet and candlestick

once again my alphabet and one of 4 candlesticks in a sunday newspaper.

candlesticks and slowmotion

candlesticks lives their own quiet life,they appear in magazines in between and new ones are made on order,some times.


favorit new fragrance

a small drip of sunday on a sunny monday. yesterday we passed by a flea market in a school yard near by,on morning walk with man and doog.the children had to collect money for a study tour.between skateboards,cartons,games etc. i was lucky and found this brand new,unused fragrance.a whole bottle of summer and ease and one of my favorites from now on.

acqua di parma

very nice.www.acquadiparma.com


early morning meeting

friday early morning,things to get finished.on my way to a morning meeting.

textile handpaint

textile to dry.