summer visitor

s u m m e r  v i s i t o r.

windy wash day

good windy wash day,six machines all the places mice had fun over winter have either been thrown out ore washed through.

house of possibilities

every time i pass this house i think of all the possibilities,a new window color,lots of plants in the ground.commercial life in the ground floor and living upstairs.but it´s built in an strange place,don´t thik i could survive with my profession on that location, it´s fine and for every year that passes, it goes more and more into disrepair. too bad.

hide and seek

hide and seek between white sheets.

bouquet / wash house

bouquet in the wash house.

lathyrus latifolius 2

fantastic flower and a beautiful transformation.it starts proudly in total cyclamen,turns guiet to light pink,becomming fainted blue and end it´s cycle in warm powder-colored,what a fine time interval." lathyrus latifolius "

photo tried

tried to take a photo of myself in the mirror,something´s missing,"i travel incognito".....


spot by the sea

H O L I D A Y !freedom and fantastic sunny weather,it´s summer in denmark.my morning spot by the sea two minutes in swim time 

stoneware houses

we been on a tour with an old friend today,to show her the landscape.ended up at the annual local craft market.incredible number of exhibitors and very few interesting things,but a few...this collection of little stoneware houses are cute.


bowls in colors.

wooden rattle by rasmus holten

nice wooden rattle for the little ones.unfortunally i today forgot everything about names and web sides of the mentioned designers,sorry for that and hope you find them if you are interested,this i can tell by the card, is made by rasmus holten

stoneware bowl

and a classic stoneware bowl approx 50 cm. high.

houseboats 1

houseboats at the dock.

flatfish stoneware

flatfish in stoneware.

houseboats 2

a few more houseboats in the harbor where the market is held.

local supplies

local supplies.

considering meal / outdoor kitchen

begining to consider evening meal,prepared in the outdoor  kitchen.what a nice vacation day.


object / floating green

going to the countryside,guiet and hopefully new inspiration,so nice with many days ahead.

my lovely coral

my big summer coral has emerged from the hidden again......

vacation time

it´s vacation time.

stocks of things

leaving stocks of things that i´m constantly producing.

leaving for summer board

my board and everything else, is proberbly allowd to stand as when i left it.

summer / freadom

and then it´s summer and freadom,out in the green weightless condition,temporary eternity ahead,enjoy jour summer out there


hand painted silk scarf

hand painted silk scarf,a gift for a birthday this week end.

scarf in box

put it in a box covered with silk.

silk scarf in box

and keep it there when not in use.

beads / colors

c o l o r s.


was in a bead store today,they have everything in beads,sequins,large and small.unfortunaly they are about to close down.always to bad when specialized stores disappear.

wall of beads

a wall of beads, one becomes totally confused by the variety.


ended up bying sequins in these nice colors.


handpainted textile

good morning monday,starting the last week before a nice long summer vacation.just finished the first pieces of hand painted textile, in a new series.made a lot of attempts before i found this technique.some pieces are being used as a bace on boards.here a flickering one.

textile board, romantic

and here a more romantic and subdued one,reminding me of a piece of old wall.

textile for tea caps

one of the fabrics i used for tea caps.

textile, tea caps and boards

light and easy summer total,tea caps and boards.

detail ,textile board

textile board

summer flicker,board 50 x 70 cm.


organic drawing into a print

delicate and full black,a drawing of organic objects.it´s a print and i think it´s impressive how well the technology reproduces the original.


print in conjunction with other items.styled and selected by:www.meyerlavigne.bigcartel.com



porcelain figure

strange little boy found him at a flea market recently.

tiny home studio

in my tiny home studio.here i draw back in between,everything is green an fresh outside,nice just to sit and stare out.