experiment in hand painted textiles.

experimenting a bit with hand painted textiles,these days.

handpainted textiles

i never make sketches,have to see things in real life to see if it works.so far i have painted a lot of coupons and have not found the right patterns yet,it will proberbly come if i keep on.

textile for bags ?

think it will be for small and large summer bags.


fabric coupons

some of my fabric coupons.

flower pentals

it drips flower pentals and rain on street and road.

gifts for wrapping

yesterdays gifts,for wrapping.

on packet

two packets

two small golden packets in the sun.

glowing sky

glowing sky above veddinge hills,our place in the country.


theme smooked oak

one of my objects in danich magazin "mad og bolig" under the theme smooked oak.



collection of wooden objects.

wood storage

from the storage.

object nr. 9

another one, object nr. 9 smooked oak ++


some collage "room full of fun".

drawing 2000

drawing from 2000.


mobile in the sunlight.

light wooden,lineklein

small light wooden "town silouet" photo www.lineklein.com

wooden object smoked oak

wooden object, smooked oak +


the cuckoo

the season finally started so now it´s city and country again.the cuckoo woke me up saturday morning and i have just learned that before the cuckoo returns to denmark it has been on a winter visit in the nile valley,in small asia,the bosphorus and the balkans,it´s a flight of 9000 km. to get here.impressive and welcome back.(illustration by e.demartini)

pravoslav sovak

a fine book with beautiful bird illustrations by e.demartini and delightful text by carl weismann,printed  in czeslovakia 1962.got it as a gift once many years ago from a friend of my family.an artist from czech called pravoslav sovak.found his weeb side yesterday,interesting to se all the art he createt and still create i hope www.sovak.ch

in the country

in the country we live as simple as possible.it´s all about big sky,visibility,lots of fresh air,the sea and silence

lunch salad

you get hungry from all the fresh air and you sleep like a rock at night.delicious salad with among other things smoked mussels,wild garlic,bread toasted in olive oil and garlic,lots of fresh oregano and a glas of fresh made rhubarb juice.

tasha tudor

this fine old lady spent a lifetime creating the most amazing garden."thasha tudor´s garden"/houghton mittlin company,boston,new york 1994. photo richard w. brown.here in may i spend time on digging,removing weeds,planting,sowing and waters-waters-waters,hoping for lovely summer flowers and herbs.


our little path down to the sea and the sunset.


figure on a wall.

workshop house

passed a place that have always fascinated me.a farm and this workshop house.there used to live an old artist couple,now they´r gone,the place is for sale.i have to find out what happened.


they made things like these.


old workshop 1

old workshop 2

and the workshop house standstill as when it was abandoned.

old workshop3

strange and touching,hope the new owners appreciate that they´r bying a life´s work



something about yellow today.

spring print,2

a new small spring print.

gold mine.3

market 4 may.4

had a perfect market day saturday,been there twice before,but this time was the best.anne louise was my helper and i think she´s my new assistant to.in the neighboring stand was my good friend susie so good company all around.


lamps in the ceiling of susie and olavs store.vintage lamps,delicious new-made pillows,toys and everything else,nice place: loppebutik, frederiksberg allé 28,1820 frb.c


small toy styff on the roof of susie´s bright yellow car.

lamps berlin,7

a whole lot of lamps,somewhere in berlin.

wooden object,8

wodden object full of sunshine.

justina blakeney,9

had the pleasure of meeting justina at the market saturday,she´s from sunny california and a super blogger.she looked at my prints and recognized my alphabet from  pinterest,great with all virtual meetings,but also nice with an old-fashioned meeting in the fiels www.justinablakeney.com

embroidered suit.10

great embroidered suit,can´t remember where it´s from,but it fits into todays yellow theme.

yellow house ,11

and a very much yellow house.


new images for print.1

made these two yesterday.going to my printer tomorrow with lots of new images.

no one´s perfect.2

i´m particulary fond of this one,just a reminder if you´d forgotten.


i´m being part of a fine project....more later,but here´s my contribution.

color codes,4

and my color codes.

alphabet,alt interior

alphabet in the new issue of magazin www.altfordamerne.dk/interior

alt interieor,6