places to remember,it´s cold winter here,but the landscape is waiting out there.
shelter for cattle in a field.
harvest,-ore perhaps a visit from........?
giant bag full of summer,made this in 2008.
parts of paper clips also from 2008.


time flies,now it´s monday again a good day for circles,ovals and spirals.
a static object,but i´m trying to build in some movement.


making a new series of pictures for kids,first rougt sketches right now:colored paper,cardboard and a few lines.hints and half-fineshed stories,so ther´s room for the child´s own interpretation.this one is called :"the girl with the nine options"
"visiting the budgerigars"
"he alvays trawels by air balloon"
"the magician and his three pigeons"
"bird and bird"
a new sketch.
more small gardens in new colors.


components for new gardens.
here are five pieces :wood,cardboard paint,height 23 cm.
ladders to heaven...painted wood height 40 cm.
ladders & gardens,some of my new spring/summer stuff


chinese new year comming up on 23.1,this is the word FU and you paint it like this,wich is fun ´cause you don´t realy know if you are doing it the right way.
FU-is posted upside down on your front door,for:good luck,good fortune and blessings
four vases in beautiful shapes and colors,Qing-dynasty,Henan province

little useful object,borrowed it from nic,when he came back from one of his many china tours.


small ladder with safety rope.
linen +
keychain,hand-sevn,linnen mattres "en miniature"


some of my self-made friends.the padded.the ones on paper and those made of cardboard.
and their new car.


more fun and intelligent incidents by charles and ray eames.http://youtu.be/qrTupmVwiLQ have a nice day....


like this made by:donald baechler 1989 in paris.
early morning cup of tea.
morning walk by city lakes,our hood.
thise days queen margrethe the 2 of denmark,is sellebrated for her 40 years jubilee.an anachronistis but grand event.she´s intelligent,a bit clumsy,funny,sharp and a lovely part of our small country up north.thought i would use the occation to dust of my own "jewels".