hi there

nice bike shop in copenhagen.


jonas,the owner made this nice little booklet and text about how he experienced traffic and a handsome old man with his bike,somewhere in phnom pen,cambodia 2008


pling-pling,millions of items from when i started spreading my self, and began to work in other medias than just painting (wich is my back ground )it´s so much fun and i find it so interresting to combine apparently conflicting sizes to new context.photo and items from 2003.

funny little fellow,nice made,he is from berlin.

thise days i´m trying to transfer the freshness from a drawn line into embroidered lines on pieces of fabric,this one is on silk.

very often the freshness is actually on the back side of the fabric,here randomness takes over

have a look at this site,might be interresting.


just made this almost diamond ring

i love rubber stamps they can be used for so many things.

a russian piece of paper.

one of my small bags with padded figures from 2006.

small purse from the same period 2004.

nice embroidered bag and crochet hat.

animal unknown origin and nature.

modest little bed,found it at a fleemarket.
detail on textile

i love minigolf "architecture"always very inspiering.

me a few years ago.

another one of my objects,paint om recycled wood.

brand new object aug.2011.paint on recycled wood

work on paper 2009