as far as the eye can se,next stop is poland and futher to the left russia,view from above,the cliff of stevns.

church on cliff.2

it´s a fine old church hanging on top of a cliff,seen from the sea.

pink doors.3

the three small pink creatures have already left the building


old lime stone tiles.


the dove saw it all,while eating fresh flower shots

new buildings.6

and back to town.so many new buildings are being made in cph. these years.do not know who will live in them.it´s all very expencive apartments.some look like this.


an other angle- "woman" with old bacground


found this old box and picked some wild flowers,ther´s much to do on a lovely day of.


1.spring symphony

saturday and sunday the sun finaly broke through.today monday it´s fun enough gray skies and cold again.it requires a special psyche to live in the northern hemisphere.half og the year we are wrapped and packed away.the amasing transformation comes with the sun...from one hour to the other ther´s bare legs,thousands of brand new colorful sneakers.people are eating out,hanging around,everybody get happy spring colds...birds are singing and building there nests,in our backyard...ther´s an explotion of color and spring flowers on the bare,gray ground...once it´s running it´s like a large symphony of readiness.

2."long black line".rum

my "long black line" in new issue of the magazine rum www.rumid.dk

2a,"long black line"


4.veneer in waiting

even if it all goes up in routines and prints these days,i look forward to once again get some more time for experiments. these nice pieces of veneer are for example in waiting.

5.row of numbers

counting - counting - counting,sheets of paper.minutes and hours,currently i´m a small factory all features and caps are mine,it requires disciplin.


and my song these days is about that it looks like i`ve found a niche,my prints are now on sale in several good shops in dk.once it´s in place,i`wll try to find relevant places in the rest of scandinavia,for a start.a dutch compagny contated me about my alphabet,let´s see what happens.

7.line and numbers

tried with a few new delicate shades.

8.asgers palm

one of my nephews passed by and made this ad.a stamp resting in his palm.good idea,kids are wise.


confalonieri/negri,100th years anniversary

fell over these two beautiful young men,each of them 34 years in 1947.:guilio confalonieri and ilio negri.(nice sounding names)if they were 34 in 1947 so it´s 100th years anniversary this year.hope they are alive and all well.


the chance that they still have a studio in milan,is proberbly very small.but have a look at the following, some of their tight,delicat and great design






advertising olivetti (designer unkonwn to me)and i´m still looking for the right typewriter.


black/white friday,8,couage

had a rather confused black and white friday,but made two new drawings thursday,this one a3 and the next wich is a bit larger.

b/w friday,7,gouage

b/w friday,6,small gallery

worlds smallest gallery.

b/w friday,5,drawing

there is so much to do,it all stick out in many directions,but it seems as if things are on track,so i roll along the best i can. (drawing a4)

b/w friday,4,object

object : wood,paper,pen.

b/w friday,3,drawing

b/w friday,2,music

b/w friday,1,gouage

it´ll go up i´m sure and then i can breathe a little again,that will be interesting


print/ flow

print is my destiny so far,it moves here right now,i go with the flow.

liniert sequence

liniert sequence number two.

fine circle + lines

just because i like the circle and the fine thin lines emanating from the center.

pastel morning

adorable pastel morning.

print playful composition

playful composition.


F L I C K E R.

print,near marakech

near marakech,where i´ve never been,would like to go.

detail print

D E T A I L....

colors of alphabet

the colors i so fare use as a base for my alphabet.


birthday cooking

two days buried in cooking.i cook for my brother´s 50-years birthday celebration.a meny consisting steamed salmon touched with rigotta,capers,dill and spring onions,rosemary marinated chicken,small sticks of lamb and vegs,delicious salads and a wonderfull selection of cheeses etc.etc.ps. 60 people are a great many when you are cooking.....!


lambstick 1

accessories for lamb sticks



shelf for plants

cook in my brother and his family´s kitchen,a room with a lot of fine details.


teis and his wife susie have a great working relationship running.for example this amasing cabinet,a result of a meeting between good design and sublime craftmanship.www.osmarkdesign.dk www.teisdichabrahamsen.dk


hand-turned handle on drawer


cold,quiet easter

hey - hey back to work,but first a few images from a very quiet,cold easter holiday and then it all break loose again.