in magazines

and then we´re back home/city again,yesterday was a monday- gallop and here a bit of my  work,that have been shown in magazines, while i was away.thank´s for all my cooperations,a bit undefinable,but i´m happy that they help me to spread my  message.

wodden object.

one of my wooden objects, headline on this page is " tribute to detail"

painted wooden object

painted wood object,by me, photo by:www.lineklein.com

alphabet having fun

still interesting to me that i made this alphabet a bit random and today one year later it realy helps on income.perfect and fun.

gouage a4.

gouage of mine a4.

drawing in someones home office

proposal for a home office decor.

ink drawing

one of my original ink drawings.



collage +

various suggestions for thing on your wall.


collage, the original in a4.

alpha a4.

my alphabet +

alphabet a4

a bargin for the price, they say, alphabet a4.

alphabet again

and once again my alphabet a3.


wild flowers.

pick wild flowers before departure to city life.

3 bouquets

three little bouquets wich reminds me of it all.

stuffed car.

stuffed car with it all.

me 58

and me 58 summers that´s how it is !

branches in water.

it`s possible to cut any branches of a tree and then drive them home, placed safe in a large glas of water i prolong my feeling of being out there.

spot on.

and then it´s hopefully spot on from my first early meeting tomorrow monday.


kind of blue.

a kind of blue condition, city life is waiting just around the corner, so i retain small moments and important details from an absolutely wonderful summer out in the open simple space.

harvest machine.

harvest in progress, in the distance you can hear the engines running.i love all their machines and funktions for different purposes.here is one used for transport of the finished bales of straw.very elegant.


what would i do without ?


another beautiful sky.

stack of pots.

stack of necessary pots and bowls in the outdoor kitchen after a huge rainstorm.

blue mussels.

started one of my all time favorite dishes, blue mussel soup with pommefrittes and aioli.always good summer and winter.


an old clasic.

striped lining

nicely striped lining in a bag.


all the beautiful plums and no time for preparing this year, nature is rich right now.


jenses new summerhat.


and how we pt. get power from the main house to the guest house.


flapping in the wind.




garden, field and marine gear.


frame in industrial landscape.

frame around the subject, an other kind of country mood.

fab bird photo

birds here there and everywhere.(photografer unknown to me but what a fab setting and picture.

ad from the 60´

advertisement from the late sixties, i think.

g + k

and it´s by gerstner + kutter.....

drawing chagal

fine poetic drawing.



d i a g o n a l s.

photo e.angenendt


great picture ( h. silvester ) such a delicate and yet stable -against the sky construktion.

photo h.silvester

beautiful skye

so many beautiful sky´s up here.


mood from the past

bought three photos the other day,purely for sentimental reasons and for a small rush of mood from the past.

monte sarmiento 2

"ms monte sarmiento" it sounds promising. 

wooden beads 1

and i bought a small bag of wooden beads, an old picture frame and the sun did an extra dimention for the crowd

wooden beads 2

sligthley more straight lines

my man

my own private sailer of all time.jens on the beach.


table in the early morning sun,flowers to be replaced soon,a glass filled with suger water and  flies and one of my hand-painted small summer bags,they are convenient for all sorts of things,have six in use pt.