this weeks numbers,letters and calculations,go to rest now !
might saw some delicate stitches on a piece of paper.
walk a little barefooted,we have beautiful indian summer days.
and we will,for sure, make some wonderful meals from seasonal harvest luxury.


the banjo man and his squirrel

got this treasure box,from my sweet brother today.many small parts for the upcomming production of my small wooden objects.


my fairly strict arcitectual, black object .
an other of my suggestions,it´s made of oak bricks and painted in luch colors.
wall object in R U M,tittle:20 pieces.
the danish magazine R U M (rum means space)http://www.rumid.dk


my desk today,chaos and clarity,on and on we go
one of my today´s maby conclutions.


pillow for katrines new sofa,colored textiles on off-white linnen.the pillow on it´s way out.the day before i was lucky to get my hands on the following,ther´s a fun parralel betwen the pillow and.....................................................................................................
a lovely box full of juicy colored chips from 1970. good input for new ideas
in order,parts of a larger pattern.


we had an election in denmark yesterday,now we can proudly annonce our first female prime minister,she and the alliance will struggle uphil,but it´s such a good change for our little spoiled country in the north.


nice concept store,copenhagen,they do typography and organizes events,these days an exhibition called "old news",the shop is full of stacks op newspapers,various artists have chosen old news for new contexts + many other interresting stuff.
check out:http://playtype.com/


a collection of used matches.
small object tree panel and matches.
matchstick construktion on a board.
did´nt know until now that snails could be so tiny.
some of my hand-printed silk paper.
residential area.
drawing of inside a cargo ship,pilot museeum in dragør


detail of gouage,50x70 cm.


WGSN 10.7.07 an article about my work,the email with the article has dissapeared into space.so i quote what sarah dennis wrote about me on WGSN."WE LOVE..copenhagen designstudio varehuset.on a recent visit to copenhagen,wgsn was inspired by varehuset-a unique studio and shop filled with textiles,sculptures and painted curiosities.varehuset is a studio/shop belonging to leise dich abrahamsen,an inspirational and creative self-taught designer with a passion for adoring any surface she can find.the shop is filled with large-scale canvases,painted wood,found objects,paper mobiles,hand-embroidered garments and accessories all unique and individual pieces.abrahamsen´s style has a delicate quirkiness that plays with colour,structure and space,and has a graphic precision that echoes the work of textile designer lucienne day....wgsn comment varehuset has an inviting "work-in-progress"feel,with a haphazard collision of images and colour that creates an inspiring-and almost fantastical-environment.the translation of ideas across the fields of fine art,fashion and textiles gives the work a uniquely individual feel and allowes for the designs to have a much wider application.http://www.wgsn.com/  


one of my small blue objects.
sometimes i draw so it looks like,here is a little bear,made it for my husband,we have a project running.one day we do childeren´s books.he writes i illustrate,we try to find the rigth expression,this is fine, but not good enough yet.


now and then,the wonder of precent and past.
today i had the first meeting with one of the two owners of a beautiful design store,here in copenhagen.ditte and jelena are the owners and the shop is called "stilleben"(still life).they will soon be selling a selection of my works on paper and some of my objects,her´s photo from the shop.have a closer look at the store and web shop at: http://www.stilleben.dk/
from shop "stilleben" copenhagen.

another detail form "stilleben".

one of my white objects as an intro to a little almost white theme.
danish magazine rum http://www.rumid.dk/

harvesting flower seeds.

flower seed pattern on fabric.


a collection of eggs in a bowl with water.

deck with straps,straps fungtion unknown.