WGSN 10.7.07 an article about my work,the email with the article has dissapeared into space.so i quote what sarah dennis wrote about me on WGSN."WE LOVE..copenhagen designstudio varehuset.on a recent visit to copenhagen,wgsn was inspired by varehuset-a unique studio and shop filled with textiles,sculptures and painted curiosities.varehuset is a studio/shop belonging to leise dich abrahamsen,an inspirational and creative self-taught designer with a passion for adoring any surface she can find.the shop is filled with large-scale canvases,painted wood,found objects,paper mobiles,hand-embroidered garments and accessories all unique and individual pieces.abrahamsen´s style has a delicate quirkiness that plays with colour,structure and space,and has a graphic precision that echoes the work of textile designer lucienne day....wgsn comment varehuset has an inviting "work-in-progress"feel,with a haphazard collision of images and colour that creates an inspiring-and almost fantastical-environment.the translation of ideas across the fields of fine art,fashion and textiles gives the work a uniquely individual feel and allowes for the designs to have a much wider application.http://www.wgsn.com/  

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