"the department of interresting details" B E R L I N
had forgotten all about how to make shadow figures,with your hands,but then i luckily found a mini book on the topic,today
handle to pull large window shutters up and down.
nice car.
ladybird band.
small creatures on a lot of shelves,an old german company still makes thise fine handmade toys,they are called "erzgebirgskunst" and ther´s a whole store full of them at sophienstrasse 9, berlin
could´nt resist adding this to the "collection" today.
a balcony attack,wondering wich way the windows opens.


hamburger hauptbahnhof- on our way to berlin...can´t wait

elegant design in first-class train compartments.
brunch today,-with the guy next table,very sympathetic,he invests in real estate in florida, somebody have to take care of that..
the shoemaker nr.1

the shoemaker nr.2

and the things i found today.


28.11-we go to berlin,that beautiful city so full of past,present and future,a lot of new expierences ahead.

funny old berlin shop, i love the innocence of old german toys.they are hard to find these days,but let´s see


sizzling yellow object

art for christmas

pigment on glass.

small padded hedgehog.




 this was the story of a simple black and white sunday in november.


new works on paper,framed and ready.


very focused and busy days,several good opportunities ahead,i just have to deliver the goodies and is fortunately in a flow.another team of gouages on it´s way out the door,they just need to be framed.

a6.it´s almost a circus atmosphere or maby it´s a happy village.
saturday and autumn sun,cheat me for a couple of free hours and look a litlle at h.c.andersens amazingly beautiful paper clips,characters and naive dravings,an extraordinary gifted man


old acquaintance (one of my wodden objects) shown here in compagny with other design items, in dk. magazine RUM,under the heading: illusions-13 wild design.http://www.rumid.dk/design/illusioner/


12 colored cardboard strips.
when gently unfolded,a boat-like shape,i´m about to futher develop the principle of a collapsible ball.
colors in love...