first tourist report / berlin / timeless.


old illus.(berlin)

old german children´s illustration (1)

children illus./berlin

old german children´s illustration (2)


i´m part of that image and the time,for just a moment.


door,decoration and shade.


and on the other side of the door...


blogging again / berlin

hello again,just arrived in BERLIN a couple of days ago-----so nice now ther´s time for everything again also blogging

neat remains

resent i´ve been so busy and non blogging.lot of work orders in and out house.i´m a one "mands" band, when it comes to production,it´s perfect- but time-time.fortunately anne louise my sweet assistent are super good at handling all possible practical,great help and a start of something new, i belive.this is all the neat remains from my hand-painted fabric series, that has been going on the past few weeks,they will be reused later


silver door in the back room studio.

textile remains

remains from various hand-painted textiles gotta see if i can make some small textile pictures out of them - mixed with a bit of embroidery.


floor in my back room studio.

hand-painted textile

pling..!!!- hand-painted textile

christmas star

made this christmas star a few years ago,the vision is not much, once you designed and made it but....

diy womens/christmas star

but check this out,I´M BITCHING FOR ONCE this is a photo of some of the stars on a background of my hand-painted textile,just to make sure, BUT:some woman put a manula out about how to do a star, she´s seen the photo (with all inf.) in a magazine and says on her blog: no one knows who made it ore where to by,so i´ve just made it even" how stupid can you get i wonder.and what do you do with all thise diy women ? it´s so cross-border

textile & book


nice book waiting

an old book,part of my inspiration archive.it measures 40 x 40 cm.,full of lovely blank pages jusy waiting to be filled

new gouage a3

new original gouage a3

hand-painted textile

detail of one of my new hand-painted textiles


40 tea cosy´s/hand-painted textile

has just finished an order of tea cosy´s,made of 40 pieces of unique and hand-painted pieces of fabric,for the christmas sales at www.stillebenshop.com and now i will proced to the next section

handpainted fabric

all the fabrics before mounting.

tea cosy

green,white,multi-dottet tea cosy.

table designed by frode holm

would like to own this nice table designed by frode holm,year unknown to me but perhaps around 1948

nesting box

nesting box installation,on a very busy major road.and at greation from summer on a grey rainy day in copenhagen.