drawings on the table,ink and gouage on paper.
framed and on there way to new shop in town.
a whole new family of my small wooden objects.
pale neon orange.
colors and wood
one more in several colors
creamy white


look in drawers and find a lot of my textile eksperiments,these were opiginally designed for brooches,but then i put them together,side by side,for bracelets


are so busy these days,working on stuff, for a new and fine business partner.in betwen,her`s
some rough sketches of whats up/ work in progres.so long amigos.
experiments around a spiral christmas tree.
something about cardboard crystals and diamonds.


trying to identify some very simple minimalist forms.
enjoy the white paper,a bottle of black ink and a bit
of vandycke brown.one of my favorit colors,wich i thought
was called "mauve" such a nice name.


just found this photo of my very beautiful and young parents,ther´s a fine balance here,betwen people,my luck and background


the prototypes for this year´s christmas decorations,are ready.you can use them all together or make individual series,where you mix the caracters.
figures in cardboard,wood and fabric.
small,colored and upholstered
some kind of snowballs
went to the opening of the cabinetmakers autum exhibition 2011,at design museum denmark http://designmuseum.dk/ fine exhibition catalog made by http://allthewaytoparis.com/
one of the exhibitors is my sister in law,http://www.osmarkdesign.dk/  she has designed this fine and special cabinet,realization of design,my brother took care of,he´s a very tallented cabinetmaker http://teisdichabrahamsen.dk/wp/
detail from part of the cabinet.


the first rough sketch ,some of my new embroideries.for years i have tried to embroider as quickly as possible,in an attempt,that it would pay off,wich it does´nt.so now i go the other way around and accept that my embroidery is among other things made of time and slowness.lets see what conclution that will lead to.this one is the first in a series of small,delicat bags.they will eventually be lined with silk + a magnetic lock and a beautiful long handle
so far i embroider the most,when we are in the country.therefore i have this mini chests for."the traveler in embroideri".each small drawer is filled to the edge,with inspiring materials,IT´S A PASSION.

8 days old,newly opened shop in cph.fine mix of new design items and vintage furniture.ect.http://www.shopdora.dk/


four embroidered rings.
sketch paper for one of my students in 2010
bracelet,beautiful colors,but texture a bit to soft.


two of my graphic works and a wall object,in the new catalog from danish design company G U B I,very elegant and minimalistic styling and beautiful design classics in lighting and furniture.http://www.gubi.com/
wall object,lamp designed by greta grossman

one of two graphic works