christmas ku-dam

ku-dam lovely christmas decorations.

friendly lunch

nice lunch today with good old friends and some new,they randomly just came from norway:olav,my jens,andre(ulf just left) so nice............!


wonderful antiquarian in charlottenburg and the cabinets are original,it´s always been an antiquarian.many beautiful people and books,in and out that door...rotes antiquariat und galerie.C.BARTSCH,knesebeckerstrasse 13/14 10623 berlin


and small exhibition space with unusual selection of drawings,lithographs and beautiful books, such as first copies of bauhaus ect.we have the right to dream a little.


look at this......it`s approx one meter long and 50 cm high,have to go home and make some big creatures.(stiftung haus der geschichte der bundesrepublik deutsland,museum in der kulturbrauerei,knaackstrasse 97 berlin)

lovely paper print

small means and great effect  ,that´s what it´s all about.hand printed paper from the old east berlin,used as decoration in a kindergarten(museum in kulturbrauerei)


some inspiration for future,current and past.(museum in der kulturbrauerei)

fein und ripp.

stacks of indestructible blue jeans,with huge hangtacks.www.feinundripp.de "textilen aus einer anderen zeit",kastanienallee 91/92 berlin

fein und ripp

think they look so good these three guys and nice with a project run by father and two sons (photo taken from their catalog)"fein und ripp"

on our way back

on ore way back to copenhagen tomorrow,realy cold in berlin right now.


flea market

still romancing around berlin,mainly finding old remains.ther´s a flea market every (even ice cold)sunday on boxhagener platz in fridrichheim

porcelain birds

antiques dealer,he love birds on this shelf.fridrichsheim


and mysteries the same place


glitter and lights and lots of roundabouts throughout the city.


a romantic backyard.


nice wooden ladder,a little to big for the train ride home(boxhagener platz)


the sun shines on us in it´s own berliner way.

cake house

very large and very german style big christmas cake house.

paper stars

shining stars in a gate into a monastary

fine toys

fine toys,home made in the terrible years/berlin


twilight and the sun fall.


tourist postcard,my three compainiens and me: super nice,silly, fun, great