gouage 2011

a small original gouage from 2011,in saras home, sara is the owner of www.shopdora.dk

more gouage from 2011

series of original gouage from 2011.


and now it´s christmas acording to magz.and i´m to late,might learn one day,--always remember to make your christmas decor in august....www.boligliv.dk

christmas decor 2012

star and little patted one.christmas decor from last season.


one of my print´s and other items.

print a4

print a4.

christmas mess

did manage to make some christmas decor,after all

christmas 2013

so far a box full of......

bird,christmas decor 2013

birds in various colors,paint on wood

christmas decor 2013

something like this,get back to christmas,for real around 1.12


day at the office

today is a day at the office.

finally got an iphone

just got my life´s first iphone,feel wildly updated.has jumped on instagram #leisedichabrahamsen,think it´s brilliant with the small and more spontaneous format.it suits my process-oriented and visual world.


will soon have a day,just flipping through beautiful books.

larger pieces of h.p.fabric

larger pieces of handpainted fabric, perhaps for pictures.

washed fabric

working on "a million" new pieces of handpainted fabric.this i how they look after washing.

dotted fabric

an other dotted,handpainted fabric.

tea cozy

tea cozys on a shelf.www.stillebenshop.com

bulletin boards

bulletin boards 30x50 and 50x70 cm.www.stillebenshop.com


textils in magz.

my new textiles begin to show in magazines,this magz. just forgot to mention who made it...(magazin soendag/sunday)

dotted tea cozy.

dotted tea cozzzzzzzzzy !

striped tea cozy

and one of the striped ones (just started on an order of 40 more)


my place is crouded these days.

another textile method 1

experimenting with yet another textile methode.

another textile method 2

trying to se if i will succed in creating textile pictures.first attempt ther´s still a lot of stitches to be done and more applique small pieces od fabric.


the "long black line" and alphabet/ A3.



and it´s autumn.

wallpaper 1950

autumn wallpaper "happy leaves"designed by vera (vera neuman 1909-1993) screen printed by schumacher usa 1950.