a good friend told me the other day,that she had read about options and other goodies to come in 2012.came to think of how much influence a message can have,her exited expectations,made me happy to.i hope 2012 will be the year where we all take great care to tell good stories and act in the same spirit.happy 2012 to us all
and here some highlights i just stumbled across,concerning my personal year,big words in december and a lot to live up to but for a start i have made myself a new alphabet,just need it polished so others can read it to ho-ho-hoooo.


the wonderful cards by eames.
two fantastic people charles & ray eames.
as a child,i could build with thise cards,for hours ore simply search through all the beautiful designs.each card has its own motiv,love the diversity.


two paintings from 2006 + a flying act.
going to read this beautiful book,a gift from my sister."shadow-baldur" by Sjón.
old toys from greenland


preparations for a nice glass of "good morning juice".
mandarin,carrot,pomegranate,apple and a hint of fresh ginger
here we go-go


and this years "nativity play"
some "back stage" shots, 1-2-3.............


all the species i found on my bike route today,nature is still in color out there
looking forward to quiet christmas days

padded snowman

small padded snowman.


little thing from christmas/10
one of my paintings,a few years old,60x80 cm.and some pictures from the inspiration file.midst of packing,preparation and all that we lack,before christmas peace might(will)come.....
hotel boxes........
wood construktion with one ore another purpose.
and again letters are a magical thing.
if a key board could tell stories.


hat/purse 2009.
puzzle pieces from approx 1960,the mini brochure says the following : if you want to avoid ruch,vulnerabitlity,concerns and much more and if you like to chase all the bad thoughts and speculations aside and learn to be a calm,happy and balanced human being,then listen to a friendly advice.and here it comes : learn to make jigsaw puzzle !big words about 12 small colored pieces,but who knows it might help
suggested figures,ps. i can´t do a single one of them.
but this could be a boat.
this a little village,seen from above.
and this is proberbly a propeller.


simple,candle in a paper bag.
to dark to take photos when the day is over,must find some more light,but here is some kind of white christmas landscape.


doing "my paperwork":the snow-covered forest
and are slowly becomming friends,with my new japanese pen,it´s very lively,makes your hand move a bit more expresive.
trying out new pen.