sometimes i think about how much i done so fare.here comes a very complex and long post.these 18 citys was the basis for a major exhibition i once held,way back in 1990.even if it´s from another time,it´s still interesting,at least to me....i selected more ore less randomly the 18 cities.i had visited some,but most of them i jyst liked cause of the sound and "taste" of the city-name.it was all based on associations.remember i awoided the very famous metrololies and one country are presented by two cities.the project has it´s own strange logic, i would think : hmmmm. wonder how is smells in buernos aires today-and then start working.the best part of the exhibition was the finely-crafted objects and the table.in addition to this was 18 larger oil paintings.too heavy and they were about to kill me,remember i neended to paint the final two 5 days before the opening.

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